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The third cohort of Embodied Life (formerly called FōNē Free) is starting January 17th!

During this coaching and mentoring program, we’ll learn about:
 Seven Belts of Tension
 Seven Energy Centers (Chakras),
 Seven Redemptive (Personality) Gifts
 Seven Spirits of God
 How to develop a greater sense of interoception
 How to connect with and embody truth
 How to stay present and grounded and feel that God’s always with us
 How to allow perfect love to cast out fear

We’ll have amazing guest speakers like Mauro Zappaterra, MD PHD (cerebrospinal fluid expert), Melissa Fisher Creator of Invincible U and MPire Fitness, Taylor Remington, author of 
A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Meditation and others.

In addition to teaching and discussion, we learn and apply practical, somatic tools that will help you on your journey through life using EFT, breathwork, and interoception exercises. New this cohort is an opportunity to create deeper connections with mentors and smaller break-out rooms.
You’ll have access to a private chat room to keep the discussion going and enhance the community support.
If you’ve wanted someone to partner with you to help you step out of fear and into confidence so you can be unapologetically you, this program will help you discover the helper has always been inside you. And now you can learn to connect with that helper in a much more practical, present,
embodied way.

Here’s what some past participants have to say:
“I appreciated the responsiveness of the facilitator to questions and concerns in the practice on a daily basis. I appreciated being in a group to harness the collective wisdom and energy in places where I find it hard to heal individually.”

“I found FōNē as a valuable tool to help me in learning to love and pay attention to my body temple and its amazing technology. The breath techniques, eft tools demonstrated and given I am using in my everyday life practice. I found the information to be helpful in integrating and
increasing my awareness of the gifts of body, soul, spirit. I found the facilitator and group to be a safe space to practice new, heal and release and recode stored in the body, nervous system traumas. I never felt judged or the pressure to perform but felt seen, heard and authentically
loved by the group.”

“Just appreciated belonging to a group that met regularly to learn some tools, have some simple direction for the week (liked Journaling about one simple thing each week) it was enough, but also gave u idea if you needed to revisit whatever came up. Kept me on track.”

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