Hi, I’m Susan

Double Certifed Breathworker and
Neurofeedback Trainer

 Like many people, I struggled to live my life according to my inner knowing that there’s so much more for me. I knew there were patterns of behaviour within me that I needed to be disentangled from, but despite trying all the latest modalities on inner healing, self-help, quantum, and energy healing, and even diverse trauma therapies, my progress was slow and my hope continually deferred. I finally accepted that my life would be this way until the end when I could enter into rest.

That’s when I was born again.

Using breathwork as a platform, I incorporated neurofeedback and maintained other techniques and somatic modalities and surprisingly soon my longing for a joyful, satisfying, victorious life was finally becoming reality. I knew I had to share this amazing journey with others.

Please let’s connect to see if I can assist you on your unique journey of integrating spirit, soul and body.